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Only real people, only native advertising.
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DropTheBomb – closed advertising business-community. We focus on running professional bounty campaigns and fulfilling micro-tasks for project which are planning, running or having already finalized their ICO. Based on our experience, these two services constitute the most efficient PR and brand campaigns.

DropTheBomb is unique as we go beyond just organizing your bounty campaign — we already have ideal contractors who meet all required criteria and are also interested in crypto investments. We select only reliable projects, which stimulate the interest of participants to their activities.

Bots are good for imitating activity within the community. DropTheBomb does not imitate - we create your community!

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Our advantages

Bounty with DropTheBomb

  • No fake accounts providers’ services”
  • Real users
  • No “advertising noise”
  • Payoff from the affiliate program
  • Payment to a single wallet
  • Quality original content
  • Unified report
  • Closed advertising community
  • No headache
  • Reputation building
  • Prospective clients

Classic bounty

  • Created as many accounts as managed to
  • Fake friends/followers
  • Page = spam
  • Bots instead of humans
  • Payments will be made to everyone individually
  • The content is for the sake of content”
  • Thousands of posts
  • Long sorting
  • Technical support fails
  • It is already in the pipeline
  • Not interested in the project

Our capabilities

bounty program


In more detail

Your project tokens are assets. We will not let fakes and useless bounty participants get them. Only real people with clear profiles, new communities and quality resources are eligible to participate. Their time, talents, and resources work for you.

micro tasks


In more detail

We will direct efforts of hundreds of people towards fulfilment of your short-term tasks, such as: voting, participation in webinars, promo-channels (Telegram, etc.) and cryptoplatforms, as well as making video reviews about the project.



In more detail

You will be discussed by tens. Thousands will learn about you. Only targeted audience.



In more detail

Bringing target audience to your telegram channels.



In more detail

Attracting new clients from social networks.

Public opinion

Public opinion

In more detail

Creating expected Public Opinion about you. PR 2.0.

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Our team

Alexander Korzhanov photo Alexander Korzhanov photo mask

Alexander Korzhanov

Со-founder, CEO
Denis Sevastiyanov foto Denis Sevastiyanov foto mask

Denis Sevastiyanov

Product Manager
Sergey Ronzhyn photo Sergey Ronzhyn photo mask

Sergey Ronzhyn

PR & Digital Marketing
Kseniya Kissinger photo Kseniya Kissinger photo mask

Kseniya Kissinger

Chief Project Bounty Manager
Sergey Blinov photo Sergey Blinov photo mask

Sergey Blinov

Operations Management (СОО)
Alex Poisonov photo Alex Poisonov photo mask

Alex Poisonov

Project Manager
Ivan Nevzorov photo Ivan Nevzorov photo mask

Ivan Nevzorov

Chief Editor
Stanislav Chepiha photo Stanislav Chepiha photo mask

Stanislav Chepiha

IT Director (CTO)


If bots are your target audience, DropTheBomb cannot help you

If you are interested in native advertisement through live audience for true users, you are welcome!

We work maximum with 10 projects at a time

We discriminate against bots

The Battle for the Bounty starts here

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